Our pharmacists are PharmD certified (Doctorate of Pharmacy) allowing them to provide additional services in comparison to other pharmacies. We strive to provide patient education that goes beyond just the patient’s medications. Educating patients helps improve outcomes and create a strong relationship with our pharmacists.
A1C testing
Your A1C indicates the average blood glucose level over the last 3 months. Patients of Oasis Drug Mart are able to take advantage of a free service where the pharmacist can provide an immediate A1C result. This allows you to keep track of your diabetic management and assess the success of your therapy.
Blood Pressure
We continue to track patient’s Blood pressure and provide custom patient goals. We also assess whether the patient therapy is effective or requires adjustments
Cholesterol testing
Patient of our pharmacy may take advantage of our cholesterol testing which provides a picture into the patient’s current cholesterol levels. We are able to provide specific targets to our patients and monitor whether patients are meeting these targets or whether adjustments to therapy need to be made.
Our PharmD pharmacists are able to conduct annual medication reviews for diabetic patients. Through these reviews we are able to ensure that your diabetic therapy is appropriate and does not interfere with your remaining medications. We provide direct patient education both about the condition and about self monitoring blood glucose meters. Our pharmacists continue to follow your journey through this condition and will regularly follow up to ensure that your goals are being met.
Exercise / Eating
Diet and physical activity play an integral role into the success of diabetic management. Our pharmacists will provide resources that will help to improve your compliance to a diabetic food guide while making it easier to meet your exercise targets. Certain patients may be referred to an in-house dietician that may better help tailor your dietary needs.
Smoking Cessation
Our pharmacists are certified to provide resources and prescriptions for patients that are considering quitting tobacco use. Our pharmacists are able to go through an in-depth review of the process while personally prescribing products that may assist you with your target. Smoking is particularly harmful for diabetic patients and the journey to quit is difficult. Thankfully, our pharmacists will be available for you each step of the way.

* These medications are covered by most insurance companies resulting in minimal cost being passed on to you. Please feel free to reach out to our team for any questions or inquiries you may have.

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