(INR / Warfarin Management)

Anticoagulation Program

Patient that have blood clotting disorders, irregular heartbeats (Atrial Fibrillation) or other anti-coagulation therapy require regular monitoring of their International Normalized Ratio (INR). The INR level is an indicator of the level of coagulation of the blood while a patient is on the blood thinner “ Warfarin “ . As a service based pharmacy, Oasis Drug Mart provides FREE INR monitoring service for our patients. Instead of having to get an injection for blood draw, we are able to monitor your INR using a simple finger prick method and provide an immediate result. We work closely with your physicians to manage your INR and provide recommendations to achieve and maintain INR targets. By using this point-of-care system, we are able to closely manage many patients on warfarin and ensure patients stay therapeutic and minimize their risk of side effects. For elderly patients who are unable to access our pharmacy, our pharmacists can conduct at-home assessments. After each assessment, the result of your test along with any other relevant medication information is sent to your primary care physician for an update. Please contact our staff at 647-351-4400 for an appointment or any inquiries.

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